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What Does it Mean to be a Good Steward?

“If you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” Luke 16:11-12
If you asked fifty people what their financial goal was, most would answer that their goal is to get out of debt, have plenty of retirement, or become financially independent.  I think the Biblical goal is to be a wise steward of the resources God has entrusted me with.  A steward is a manager or a trustee.  It is someone who has been given resources for wise use.  The concept of a steward is often used in the Bible.  It is much more than tithing our 10% to the church.  The Biblical concept is that God owns everything and we get to use it for our time on this earth, but in the end we leave it all behind. 
Here is the definition of stewardship that will help in your game plan for life:  “Biblical stewardship is the use of God-given gifts and resources (time, talent, treasure, truth, relationships) for the accomplishment of God-given goals.”  God knows the challenge we have with money.  In fact, the Bible mentions money and property more than twenty three hundred times.  Jesus gives us a good example in Matthew 25:14-30.  A property owner went on an extended trip.  He entrusted his money into the hands of servants.  He expected them to invest it and make a profit.  Two did what he asked, but one did not do anything with the money.  Which servant did the master call good?  The one who did something with the money.  “Well done good and faithful servant!” 
When this life is over and we step across the great divide into eternity, what will Jesus say to you?  One life to live, will soon be past.  Only what’s done for Him will last.”  Years ago, a preacher spoke these words to me and I took them to heart.  We will not take anything out of this world.  We come into this world with nothing and we will leave this world with nothing.  Funeral directors would tell you that there is no trailer hitch on the back of a hearse for a u-haul.  The only thing we can do is send it ahead as good stewards.  The Bible encourages us to build up treasures in Heaven that will last for an eternity.  Only the things we do for Him will last for eternity.  So what did you do last week with what God gave you?  God expects us to be good stewards.  Then we will be the ones He calls “good and faithful stewards.”  I believe and I choose to live it!  How about you?
Rick Sullivan
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church